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Calculate Project Costing of Salaries

This Payroll System can calculate cost of employee salaries for each project they work, during the month.

How this Payroll Software Calculates Project Cost of Salaries? Below you can learn how Our Payroll Software can help you to calculate project cost of salaries on each project!

Payroll System - Project Costing of Salaries

In most of contracting companies and other project based companies, where your employees are assigned to work on different projects during the month. Company management and project managers like to calculate the manpower cost on each project for the month. It is very time consuming and error prone task for the payroll accountant to calculate cost of work days and overtime of each employee worked on each project during the month.
This Payroll Software called EasyHR, can saves you a lot of time to do all these project costing of salaries in few clicks. EasyHR calculates salaries cost on projects, based on number of days and overtime hours employee worked on each project in a month. Each Employee can work on various project during the month, so you can enter or import excel file of work days and OT hours on each project of all employees and project cost report is automatically prepared.

project costing in payroll software dubai uae



Project Costing Report of Salaries - Payroll Software


project costing report in payroll software dubai uae




Highlights of Automatic Project Cost Calculation of Salaries:

  • ⦿Saves Great amount of time to calculate cost of salaries on projects.
  • ⦿ 100% accurate costing of work days on each project and Overtime on each project by each employee.
  • ⦿ Project cost Report group by project name and listing of employees work days with Amount and OT Hours with Amount along with grand total.
  • ⦿ You can define your own unlimited projects.
  • ⦿ Assign each employee on multiple projects during the month.
  • ⦿ Import Excel file for Work Days on Project, OT hours with Emp Code for All Employees, instead of entering one by one.


Other Details of Payroll System:

⦿ Payroll Calculation in One Click

⦿ Variable Allowance / Deductions in Payroll

⦿ Calculate Overtime & Absents

⦿ Payroll Statement and Payslips

⦿ Create WPS Sif File

⦿ Email Payslips

⦿ Attendance Module Integrated*



EasyHR Introduction

A simple HR and Payroll Software in UAE to manage employee records, get document expiry reminders, employee document management, calculate payroll, email payslips, calculate gratuity and final settlement. Flexible HR Software to change gratuity, overtime and vacation formulas...

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