Calculate Payroll for UAE Companies

This Payroll Software is Capaable of Calculating Payroll with Overtime Salaries and Absents Automatically.

Calculate Salaries With OverTime Pay and Absent Deductions! Here you can learn how This Payroll System can calculate Overtime Salaries!

Payroll Calculations - Overtime & Absents

It is very common in UAE companies to pay overtime salary to employees and deduct for absents in monthly payroll. Updating Payroll by entering total work days, absent days and number of overtime hours for each employee can be a very time consuming task. This payroll software offers import facility to import absent days and over time hours for all employees from an excel file and calculate salaries accordingly. However, you can enter OT and Absents manually as well.
Under salary details of employee profile, you can assign overtime formula to each employee. That formula actually calculates one hour overtime rate for the employee. Upon providing the overtime hours to the software (by import or entering manually), EasyHR calculates overtime pay. Same way this payroll software can deduct absents as per entered total absents in the month.

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Main Highlights of Overtime Calculations in EasyHR:

  • ⦿ Input Overtime Hours and this Payroll Software can calculate OT Pay.
  • ⦿ Flexible methods to input overtime hours: Manually for Each Employee, Edit list for OT or Import from Excel File.
  • ⦿ Saves you a lot of valuable time to calculate overtime pay manually.
  • ⦿ Error free OT Salary calculations by EasyHR.
  • ⦿ Absent days can be entered or imported from excel along with OT Hours as well.
  • ⦿ This Payroll Software allows you to define how to deduct absents, Per day salary as per 30 days, actual days in month, divided by 365 days method.


Other Details of Payroll System:

⦿ Payroll Calculation in One Click

⦿ Variable Allowance / Deductions in Payroll

⦿ Payroll Statement and Payslips

⦿ Create WPS Sif File

⦿ Email Payslips

⦿ Project Costing of Salaries

⦿ Attendance Module Integrated*



EasyHR Introduction

A simple HR and Payroll Software in UAE to manage employee records, get document expiry reminders, employee document management, calculate payroll, email payslips, calculate gratuity and final settlement. Flexible HR Software to change gratuity, overtime and vacation formulas.

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