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The Best Payroll System to produce Salary Statements from different angles and Payslips.

Calculated Payroll Needs a Presentable Reports as well! This Payroll Software can prepare Salary Statements and Payslips in One Click.

Payroll - Salary Statement and Payslips

Company management wants to see big picture of payable salaries before to pay or transfer salaries. Salary statement is a report which lay down complete breakdown of salaries of all employees on one sheet. Preparing salary statement of 100s of employees with complete breakdown of all fixed allowances, variable allowances, deductions, cash advance deductions, overtime and absent deductions etc.
This Payroll Software prepares Salary Statement for the month which you can print or export to excel or pdf file. Salary statements are available by employee departments, designations, work sites etc also. EasyHR prepares Payslips, you can print payslip of an employee or for all employees in one click. you can change Payslip design and layout by yourself.

payroll software in dubai with statement and payslips



Main highlights of Salary Statements and Payslips:

  • ⦿ This payroll software offers Payroll Statement in One Click for Selected Month.
  • ⦿ EasyHR Allows to print salary statement, export to excel or pdf as well.
  • ⦿ You have salary statements from different angles like by department, designation & work site etc.
  • ⦿ Get separate salary statement for employee's whose salary transfered by WPS and Paid Cash/Cheque.
  • ⦿ EasyHR Prepares Payslips for all employees of processed payroll.
  • ⦿ Paylips display breakdown for each employee's salary in Voucher Format.
  • ⦿ This Payroll Software can print Payslips for individual employee or all employees in one click.


Other Details of Payroll System:

⦿ Payroll Calculation in One Click

⦿ Variable Allowance / Deductions in Payroll

⦿ Calculate Overtime & Absents

⦿ Payroll Statement and Payslips

⦿ Create WPS Sif File

⦿ Email Payslips

⦿ Attendance Module Integrated*



EasyHR Introduction

A simple HR and Payroll Software in UAE to manage employee records, get document expiry reminders, employee document management, calculate payroll, email payslips, calculate gratuity and final settlement. Flexible HR Software to change gratuity, overtime and vacation formulas...

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