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Salary Details of Employee

One of the most important task for HR Managers is to define Salary breakdown of Employee Salary.

How to Define Salary in this HR Payroll Software? Below explanation describes you how to define the breakdown of Employee's Salary!

Define Salary of Employee in this HR System

Input Salary details of each employee and salary breakdown with allowances etc as per contract. This HR Payroll Software calculates payroll in click as per salary breakdown defined under this module. This HR System have flexibility to let you define unlimited allowances and assign different allowances to different employees is any amount you wish to. EasyHR comes with some common allowances used in UAE.
Enter employee's bank account details to transfer salaries. Set if salary is transfered by WPS or you pay cash/cheque to specific employee. You can assign overtime formula for employees to calculate their over time rate.

define salary in hr payroll software dubai



Highlights of Salary Details in this HR Payroll Software:

  • ⦿ Enter Basic Salary of Employee, Unlimited Fixed Allowances and Fixed Deductions.
  • ⦿ Input Personal ID, Select Bank Name / Exchange and IBAN number of Employee to Transfer Salary.
  • ⦿ Set Over Time Calculation formula for Normal days, fridays and public holidays.
  • ⦿ You can set if Over Time Rate should be on Basic or Gross Salary for Each individual Employee.
  • ⦿ Select if Salary paid by Cash / Cheque / WPS Sif File or WPS Excel File Format for each individual.
  • ⦿ You can create your own allowance types to assign to employees.
  • ⦿ you can take print out of whole employee profile.


Other Details of Employee Profile Management:

⦿ Employee Basic Details

⦿ Employee Contact Details

⦿ Employee Salary Details

⦿ Employee Passport and Visa Details

⦿ Employee Work Experience and Qualifications

⦿ Assets Issued to Employees

⦿ Employee Expense and Complaint Records

⦿ Employee Evaluation Records

⦿ Employee Communication Records



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