Employee Records Management

Passport / Visa Details of Employee

Manage Passport and Visa details of your employees in this HR Software.

Keep Record of Passport Details and Visa in This HR Software Below is described how and why to keep record of your Employees Passport and Visa Details in EasyHR Software!

Maintain Passport and Visa Details of Employees

Having Passport photo copy and visa photocopy in physical files is not bad, but not the best as well. In this HR System, You can record passport details like employee's passport number, date of issue and expiry and visa details. EasyHR let's you to view complete details of passport / visa of any selected employee and get list of passport/visa details of all employees which you can print or export to excel.

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Below are few Reasons to record passport / visa details:

  • ⦿ Record Passport Number, Issue Date, Expiry Date and Nationality of Employee.
  • ⦿ EasyHR reminds you the expiry of passports before expiry date as per entry.
  • ⦿ This HR Software gives you analyses of Employees you hired from different nationalities.
  • ⦿ Enter Visa details with visa number, issue date and expiry date.
  • ⦿ EasyHR reminds you to renew employee visa before its expiry date.
  • ⦿ Get report of all passports & visas which are near to expire.
  • ⦿ Employee Profile is automatically prepared with all details of passport, nationality and visa details.


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