Employee Profile Management

Employee Qualifications & Work Experience

Lets Maintain Qualification achievements and Work Experience History of Man Power.

Employee Work Experience and Qualification RecordsThis HR Software allows you to maintain history of your employee's work experience and qualifications!

Qualification and Work Experience Recods of Employee

It is very common that once employee is hired, we tend to forget about employee's previous achievements in past companies, qualification and work history, which might be very important at one point of time or other.
Consider a situation where you need to assign an employee for any project where certain experience and qualification is required and you have 100s of employees to pick out of. In those situations, this EasyHR software can help you to find the employee who have that particular qualification and experience. Under this sub-module of the HR Software, You can basically list down everything mentioned on employee's CV about his qualifications and previous work history.

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Benefits of keeping Qualification and Work History of Employees:

  • ⦿ Simply List down all Qualifications mentioned in CV when employee is hired.
  • ⦿ List all previous Work experience of New hired employee with Previous company, from - to date and responsibilities.
  • ⦿ EasyHR offers report of employee with qualifications and work history.
  • ⦿ HR Software Prepares Employee profile with all this entered details automatically.
  • ⦿ Report with list of employees grouped by qualifications.


Other Details of Employee Profile Management:

⦿ Employee Basic Details

⦿ Employee Contact Details

⦿ Employee Salary Details

⦿ Employee Passport and Visa Details

⦿ Employee Work Experience and Qualifications

⦿ Assets Issued to Employees

⦿ Employee Expense and Complaint Records

⦿ Employee Evaluation Records

⦿ Employee Communication Records



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