Employee Records Management

Employee Expenses and Complaints

You can manage records of all expenses occur on employees as well as complaints against them.

A Simple Way to Record Employee Expenses and Complaints? EasyHR Software offers a simple user interface to keep track of employee expenses and complaints!

Employee Expenses and Complaints Records

For every company, it is important to track expenses occurred on each employee. There are various expenses which a company takes care like visa processing fee, employee insurance and travel etc. In this HR Software, You can record all the expense you pay for each employee from the day you hire them. EasyHR offer one click report for all expenses on specific employee by year or all expenses for all employees.
It is very common to receive complaints against your employees from your clients, other employees or other management staff. Having no data of repeated complaints does not let to reach on any solid conclusion about the employee. In the HR system, you can keep track of each complaint against employee and take required action whenever required.

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Some highlights of Employee Expense Records in the EasyHR:

  • ⦿ Record Each Expense you pay for each employee with Expense Date, Type and Description.
  • ⦿ Input unlimited expenses for each employee and define your own expense types.
  • ⦿ Take report of all expenses on employee for hiring, training & travel etc.
  • ⦿ Take report of all expenses of all employees within selected period.
  • ⦿ Helps you to analyses and plan budget for future.



Few highlights of Employee Complaints History in the EasyHR:

⦿ Enter record, each time you receive a complaint against employee with Date, Description & Action.

⦿ Helps you to recognize repeated complaints of employees.

⦿ Helps you to analyze the reason behind repeated complaints.

⦿ Helps you to take solid action if required.

⦿ Report of complaints helps you as supporting document for your taken action.


Other Details of Employee Profile Management:

⦿ Employee Basic Details

⦿ Employee Contact Details

⦿ Employee Salary Details

⦿ Employee Passport and Visa Details

⦿ Employee Work Experience and Qualifications

⦿ Assets Issued to Employees

⦿ Employee Expense and Complaint Records

⦿ Employee Evaluation Records

⦿ Employee Communication Records



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