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Organize all documents of your employees with this HR System Easily.

How to Organize Employee Documents? Managing Multiple Documents of Each Employee is a Challange, But Very Simple with This HR Software called EasyHR

Employee Document Management

Every HR Manager or Business Owner will be agreed that it is a challenging job to manage and find employee documents in physical files when you need urgent. Even though, you have scanned copies saved in your computer is time consuming to find when you have good strength of employees.
In this HR Management Software, we have a Document Management Module, where you can attach unlimited documents for each employee. No need to search for documents, just select the employee and right side, it shows all documents belongs to him/her.
EasyHR Supports all common document types to attach like work, excel, pdf and pictures etc. Simply double click to open the document, take print out, edit or Email directly from the software to whoever you want.

hr software for employee document management



Below are few Benefits of this Document Attachment Module in EasyHR:

  • ⦿ Attach unlimited document for each employee.
  • ⦿ Support all common document types like word, excel, pdf and pictures etc.
  • ⦿ When you open any Employee record, you can view all documents same time.
  • ⦿ Easy to open documents, print, edit or save.
  • ⦿ Select multiple documents & email, EasyHR shows interface to enter email id, subject & message to send selected documents by email directly.
  • ⦿ Saves time to find documents in physical files or computer folders.


Other Details of Employee Profile Management:

⦿ Employee Basic Details

⦿ Employee Contact Details

⦿ Employee Salary Details

⦿ Employee Passport and Visa Details

⦿ Employee Work Experience and Qualifications

⦿ Assets Issued to Employees

⦿ Employee Expense and Complaint Records

⦿ Employee Evaluation Records

⦿ Employee Communication Records



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