Employee Profile Management

Manage Issued Assets to Employees

Easy to manage records of Company Assets Given to your Employees in this HR Software.

How to Manage Records of Assets Issued to Employees? This HR Software have Issued Asset Module to organize records of Assets given to Each Employee!

Company Assets Issued to Employees

In this HR System for UAE market, You can Maintain here the records of all the company assets given to employees for company task usage. As many of companies issue Mobile Phones, Laptops, safety equipments etc to their employees. Every Company needs to track who is holding which item, if it is returned back and so on. So under this sub-module of EasyHR, you can maintain records of every asset you issue to each employee.

hr software to track issued assets to employees



Below are important points to Record Issued Assets:

  • ⦿ Record Asset Name with Date and description of item while issuing.
  • ⦿ Mark the items returned back by employees.
  • ⦿ Take report of issued assets to any specific employee.
  • ⦿ Take report of all assets issued to all employees of your company.
  • ⦿ Some Items, you need to issue every few months like safety shoes, Now you can track when you issued earlier.


Other Details of Employee Profile Management:

⦿ Employee Basic Details

⦿ Employee Contact Details

⦿ Employee Salary Details

⦿ Employee Passport and Visa Details

⦿ Employee Work Experience and Qualifications

⦿ Assets Issued to Employees

⦿ Employee Expense and Complaint Records

⦿ Employee Evaluation Records

⦿ Employee Communication Records



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