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Introduction to Employee Self-Service

Employee self-service, also called ESS here, is a feature that is available in modern HR Management Systems. Employee Self Service is not a separate software but an additional module to the HR Software which gives your employees more control over their common data. ESS allows employees to take care of some HR related records and work-related tasks that would otherwise need to be updated by human resources clerk or officer. Employee self-service can help organizations to save man hours and improve efficiency, but this option may not be useful for all companies.

Purpose and Features of Employee Self-Service

Most employee self-service systems allow employees to change their personal information for example local and home country address, contact details and bank account information. Employees can see how many sick days and vacation days they have accrued and balance vacation and review personal information. Most of the self-service modules also allow employees to view vacation scheduling and payroll information, pay slips and lets employees to request for vacation and Day-off etc. In other words, HR Software allows employees to correspond electronically with the human resources department. That’s how you save time to meet employees face to face and avoid lot of paper work and save time and space to manage those hard copy of documents.

Decide Whether to Use Employee Self-Service or not

Employee Self-service module may attract to HR Managers but it is not necessary that all companies or business will make benefit out of it. Large companies in any industry can benefit from employee self-service where smaller companies in certain industries may also benefit from self-service. But it is always advised to investigate and check practicality as per their operations if all employees have access to computers at their work, for an instance, factory workers or contracting companies employees do not have an access to computers and they are not enough educated to use these systems to update their information. It is advised that before investing in to the software with self-service module, you should compare the pros & cons and check practical usability.

Drawback of Employee Self-Service

The Major drawback of employee self-service is unable to make practical use of this module. It may become challenge to ensure that each employee understands how to use the system and more over every employee / worker is willing to use the computer to input their details to update the HR records. ESS must also be used frequently by employees in order for a company to see benefits of the system. If most of your employees are not tech-savvy or internet connected, Self-Service may not be right for your company. The rollback process of implemented self-service can cost valuable time and huge money to your company.

Advantage of Employee Self-Service

When Self-Service module has been successfully implemented, a company may see instant increases in productivity and efficiency. Managers and human resources personnel may save work hours when they don’t have to face or attend employees for their queries and document updates. Employees will also be able to access their recorded data, update personal and contact details whenever required and post vacation requests through system. It simply saves lot of time of Human Resources Managers and Executives for updating employee records and attending them for their queries and requests.

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