How to Choose the Best HR Software?

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How to Choose the Best HR Software for UAE

Welcome to How to Choose an HR Software Guide! Choosing the right HR software and the right company is a critical step towards streamline your HR Management. Laying out a systematic plan that leads you through the process is a good idea. You might be wondering that "why Delicate Software is releasing such guide instead of promoting their own HR Management and Payroll Software – EasyHR”. The reality is that sharing and spreading right information can be great to make right decision.

We at DelicateSoft look forward to help you succeed in choosing the best HR Software for your organization.

The practical way to take decision while choosing HR Payroll System in UAE:

1. Define Your Requirements: Determine your needs and expectations of your company.

2. Determine budget: for the Software.

3. Contact Vendors: Research the available software packages within your price range.

4. Request Free Demo of Software.

5. Test the software against your company’s requirements.

6. Ask questions about the package, support, implementation and pricing.

7. Take your wise decision

Define Your Company’s Requirements:

First of all, you should be very clear about your requirements. The more you understand about your company’s current needs and future plan, the better able you will be to choose a software to those requirements. Keep in mind the strength of your employees and growth rate for future.

Another important factor, if you are using any existing software for HR payroll, list down all the issues and problems you were facing in that old software to ensure that you don’t face those issues again.

List down the obstacles you face in everyday tasks belongs to HR management and payroll calculations.

Categorize the list of your needs/requirements in the category of "negotiable” and "non-negotiable”. So you will be able to say No to those HR software which does not cover your non-negotiable features.

Here are some extra tips, ask your staff who are involved in management to list down ideas and requirements based on their role for ex: HR administrator, Payroll accountant and PRO operations.

Determine Your Budget:

Another very important factor is to set budget or get budget approval from your management to purchase the HR Software. Here you should become more realistic and genuine about your actual needs and available budget.

This will help you to clearly say No to those products which are out of your budget. Also you may need to rework on your non-negotiable requirements list in case you have hard limits on budget.

Contact Vendors:

3rd but very significant as well as challenging step is to contact vendors. Finding vendors and deciding whom to contact is a time consuming and very vital task. Here the best friend is the best search engine! You can search online for "HR Payroll Software” or "HR Software” or "Payroll Software” etc.

If you are searching on the best search engine like google, you can trust the results or websites listed on first page are the vendor worth of contacting.

Simply visit the websites suggested by search engine, get idea about their product and get vendor’s contact details to send them an inquiry for the HR Payroll Software.

Now see which vendor response to your inquiry in a reasonable time. You may consider those vendors as a short listed to move on further steps written in this article.

Most important action at this stage, ask standard price of their HR software. Now you will be at better place to shortlist suppliers who offers the HR Software within your budget and you can ignore others for the time.

The establishment record of vendors, the experience and length of time that the selected vendors has been in business, and the local availability of technical support team is important considerable factors.

4. Additional Allowances:

For many employees, you may need to pay extra allowances for the month. For example, sales commission for the month, car expenses or bonus etc. So add any extra allowances to employee’s salary for that particular month.

Request for Free Demo of the HR Payroll Software:

Most of the vendors offer free onsite demonstration of their HR Software and this can be very supportive to choose the right HR Software for you. When vendors come to your premises for demonstration, let all your staff members who will be using this software later on. More people who attend the demo, will ask more questions related to their role and clarify if everything is covered. During the demo, be open and ask all the questions comes to your mind and cross check with your list of requirements. Also notice if data will be owned by you or it is going to be hosted on vendor’s server online which is a critical point.

Now you will be able to shortlist those vendor’s who fulfill your requirements with their HR Software.

Take Decision and Make Purchase of the Software:

Now you got clear picture of available HR Payroll Solutions, Vendors and product price. You should also consider offered after sales support, annual license renewal fee and other terms & conditions offered by vendors.

Once reached on conclusion upon above explained parameters, you can proceed with order confirmation to your selected HR Software and vendor.

7. Create WPS Sif File:

You are almost done with payroll calculations but an important task is still pending and that is to create a salary transfer file called sif file or wps sif file. Wps sif file format is defined by MOL and followed by almost all banks and exchanges in UAE. However some exchanges ask to present their custom defined format. This SIF file is used to transfer salaries employee’s bank or exchange accounts. We have another separate article on how to create a wps sif file.

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