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Develop Employee Performance Management System in your company...

Employee Performance management is not just annual report of each employee. It is much more to work closely with employees to recognize strengths and weaknesses in their work performance and lay down the plan to help them to be a more productive and effective employee. Let’s see how to develop a performance management system so that you can help every employee in your company to work to their full possible prospective.

Assessment of your existing performance practice:

Let us start with your present employee performance management. We should look at how frequent we exchange inputs with our employees to evaluate. Need to decide if there is anything we need to adjust or add to the evaluation process. At this stage, you should decide if you can fine tune your existing process or you may define a new process.

Define goals to achieve for your organization:

Employee Performance management solutions helps to management level members to set your organization's goals. Setting your goals can help your staff to know how they will be involved in achieving those goal. Take enough time to decide and define what are your company goals? Think of possible ways and choose procedures that could be implement effectively. Declare your sales goals for the next quarter.

Determine performance expectations:

Take time to sit with each individual employee and recognize the strengths and weak points of everyone, write down your expectations to be achieved within a time frame.

a. Acknowledge each individual what he is already doing well. Use those positive points to encourage them to improve further.

b. Disclose some weaknesses that you have observed in your employees in their work routine. Accordingly let your employees feel and acknowledge how overcoming those weaknesses would help their performance.

c. Identify specific things you would like them to achieve within a given period of time like 3 months and 6 and so on. Prioritize tasks to accomplish so the staff member knows which is most important and can follow their deadlines for each task.

Monitor and improve performance:

As employees commence to work on their performance, watch them how they are doing. If they seems to be stressed to achieve performance expectations, talk to them and see if you can offer any help of suggestions. Monitoring also lets you know if they are putting enough efforts and they are on the track or wasting time.

Evaluate their current performance:

At each performance review, let the employee know how they are doing. It is always useful to assign a numeric score between 1-10 ratings. You can also write performance rating as the employee "Expectations not met" or "Expectations Met" or "Expectations Exceeded."

a. Always provide feedback on staff’s performance. Try to be as precise as possible, acknowledge his achievements along with missed goals.

b. Make some provision to reward their performance. Let them know if they are on promotion or getting a raise in salary or allowances or any other relevant action. This will encourage your employees to stick to their performance plan and will try to achieve always.

c. Be open to discuss any problems, your employees might be facing. Listen to your staff’s concerns and discuss throughout any potential solutions to improve them.

Evaluate situation of your company and your organizational needs of time to establish new targets. Disclose new performance expectations from staff for another year.

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